It's been said that telling stories is the way we make sense of our world. Mike Ransom is a professional writer who has been telling life stories since 1997 in the biographies, memoirs, personal profile (human interest) articles, and company histories he writes.

Those who work with Mike appreciate his listening, patience, organization, writing skills, and the encouragement he provides.

He discovered his love for story telling during his freshman English class in college when he wrote an essay about his grandparents and their farm. In 1997, many years after graduation, he wrote a book about their lives as a lasting tribute to them. The book changed his life. He says, "From that moment on, I fashioned myself a writer of peoples’ lives."

Mike has taken more than twenty books from the “idea” to the “completed book” stage while engaging editors, graphic designers, proofreaders, printers, and publishers as needed. He also has had many articles published in regional magazines, has written company and organization newsletters, teaches a writing workshop that helps would-be writers start and finish their books, and is a frequent presenter on the topic of writing life stories.

When not putting pen to paper, Mike reads good books, attends movies and concerts, follows Minnesota Twins baseball, jogs, golfs, plays squash, frequents coffee shops, escapes now and again to Grand Marais on Lake Superior, and enjoys time with his family and friends.

Other pages on this site:

Portfolio: Shows Mike’s completed books, starting with the most recent. For each, click on the book title to view more information about it, including an excerpt.

Ransom Notes:  Where Mike posts selected magazine articles he has written, short stories from his biographies, notes about writing, and some of his personal reflections.  Each of these posts also appears on Mike's Facebook writing page.

Special Occasion Books: Books with "from the heart" stories and photos make memorable gifts for birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, memorials, and other special occasions. Examples are shown.

Workshop and Presentations: Provides information about Mike’s Taking Care of Memories writing workshop.

Testimonials: Comments about Mike and his writings.

Contact: Provides information for contacting Mike.