Marjorie Ann with Marge Heber Strauss (2007)

Printer: Blitzprint, Editing: Susanne Kelsey

In 2007, friend Steve Strauss asked if I would help his mother, Marjorie Ann Strauss write her memoir. I was honored to help her do so.


I wish I knew more about my ancestors. Three of my grandparents (Nicholas and Anna Heber and Peter Christnach) died before I was born. Mother and Father both came from large families, but she was the youngest of seven and he was the next to the youngest of six, so many of my aunts and uncles were old when I was young. Father died when I was fourteen, and my two brothers, who were nine and eleven years older than I, were away from home working when I was still in grade school. Throughout a typical year, I had varying amounts of contact with extended family members, but we didn’t have many family gatherings or reunions. I recall a happy childhood, but I didn’t learn much about my ancestors on either my mom’s or my dad’s side of the family.

All of the above contributed to my writing this book. I want to share stories of my life with my six children, my fourteen grandchildren, my one great grandchild, and all the “Strauss children” that will follow them. This book provides a place for them to turn should they ever want to know more about the lives of Marge and Vern Strauss and the times in which they lived.

I grew up during the Great Depression. World War II interrupted my professional career, and I spent several years in the WAVES. The Depression and war years were difficult ones for our country, and some might feel sorry for Vern and me for making the sacrifices we did. Those times built character. I’m not sure I would want to relive every moment, but I feel I’m a better person for living through them. We just did what we had to do.

I thank Steve for urging me to write my memoir and writer Mike Ransom for helping me put words to paper. My family means everything to me. I hope they enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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